Frequent fliers offer holiday travel tips for non-frequent fliers

by Efficient Traveler on November 11, 2010

There’s a great article inĀ  by Gary Stoller in the USA TODAY that offers holiday travel tips from frequent fliers….

  • Avoid connecting flights on small regional jets
  • Avoid peak travel days (Monday, Friday)
  • Book an early-morning flight, because airport traffic is lighter, and you have more flight options if the morning flight is canceled or delayed.
  • Check in ahead of time online to avoid a wait at the airline counter.
  • Fliers without elite frequent-flier program privileges should try to book higher-priced tickets; a higher fare will put you much higher up on a standby list
  • Pack light but make sure necessary items such as prescription medicine and phone numbers are available if a flight is delayed
  • Don’t carry Christmas presents through security but instead ship them or put them in checked bags.
  • Finally, “Be at ease and have a positive mind-set when navigating through even the most crowded of airports, such as Atlanta’s Hartsfield or Chicago’s O’Hare, the nation’s two busiest, respectively.”

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