USA Today: Clear program back up as AlClear for frequent fliers

by Efficient Traveler on November 15, 2010

I purchased a Clear membership in the last year of it’s existance. I didn’t use it much; only once or twice. I didn’t find it that much helpful given today’s elite lines for security at most airports. It’s not like they wisk you through a special line once you get to the xray. Since it has so few locations, and really isn’t that much faster, I’m not sure it will be successful again. Read the article from USA Today below:
By Roger Yu, USA TODAY

Clear, a registered traveler service provider that closed last year, relaunched last week under new management.Clear, now owned by privately held Alclear, began operating at Orlando International, charging subscribers $179 a year for front-of-the-line privileges at security checkpoints.

 To join, travelers have to submit their fingerprints and iris scan, used by Clear’s machines to biometrically confirm their identity at checkpoints.

 In June, Alclear announced that Denver would be the launch airport, but subsequently chose to open in Orlando first. It’ll announce the opening in Denver in “a matter of days,” says Gareth Edmondson-Jones of Clear.

 Orlando was also the launch airport for the previous version of Clear in 2005, then operated by now-defunct Verified Identity Pass. Verified Identity, founded by entrepreneur Steven Brill, declared bankruptcy and closed its operations at 23 airports. It didn’t refund fees to those whose memberships were valid then.

 Verified Identity’s assets were bought by a group of investors who relaunched the service under the new corporate name. Alclear says it will “honor” the remaining terms of any Clear membership. The clock on existing members’ remaining term starts ticking once Clear returns to their home airport or when they use their card at any airport that has the service, whichever comes first.

 Alclear’s sole competitor for now, iQueue, runs a similar operation at Indianapolis International. The programs don’t honor each other’s memberships.

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