Quantas shows us not to worry about flying

by Efficient Traveler on November 22, 2010

quantas airplaneAs a frequent flier, I’m not ‘afraid’ of flying; I just dont like the process of going through security and hoping everything is on time. I know some people have a fear of flying, but I’ve never had that problem. Sure, when there’s a little extra turbulence, you start to wonder; however, turbulence wont bring an airliner down. Apparently, neither will a lot of things! I read an article on the recent Quantas engine failure explaining how everything that could go wrong, did. And how the pilots saved the day. This article reassures everyone that pilots are well-trained and that airplanes have so many warnings and back-up systems that you are very safe on airliners. And Quantas is the safest, with no fatal crashes in its history!

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