Full Body Scans versus Pat Downs…The Efficient Traveler speaks out

by Efficient Traveler on November 23, 2010

The efficient traveler is all about safety; but safety in an effective manner. I find that the full body scans are not invasive, but inefficient! Having to stand there with arms up and waist unobstructed is time consuming, and I see it as an unnecessary waste of time compared to walking thru the metal detector. You have to then wait until the ‘all clear’ is given from someone in another room. It’s twice as long to go thru the scanner than it is the metal detector. I’m not concerned about people seeing my junk or the health hazzards. I think you do as much as you can, but in reality, the problem is in cargo. That’s where our efforts should be focused.

Unfortunately, there are those who have called for a ‘boycot’ of these in lieu of the pat-down from TSA. This is incredibly inefficient, and will only lead to even more slow downs. I don’t believe people will actually opt for the pat downs because it will make everyone even more angry. Luckily, the pilots have fought against the full body scanners and won. I think eventually this will die down as well, and the TSA will realize it’s not required to do full body scans anymore. It’s the same knee jerk reaction they always have in an overloaded and top-heavy organization: they make rash decisions that anger a lot of people without actually thinking and talking about it with others to come to an quick and efficient solution.

So, I’m not against the TSA, I’m not in favor of their inefficient ways of handling security. That being said, I have to share this video from SNL that will help make everyone laugh. Happy Holidays!

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