New Elite Milage “Maximizer” option for sale on Continental

by Efficient Traveler on December 1, 2010

I was adjusting my seats on an upcoming Continental flight as I regularly do a few days prior to departure. I noticed an ‘ad’ at the bottom to buy additional frequent flier miles that I can use for upgrades or redeem for free tickets. Since I already have over 400,000 miles (which are dedicated for my wife), I don’t buy them. In addition, they don’t give you credit toward elite status. But this time, there was something new… So I clicked on the purchase “Triple Miles” and saw a box for “Elite Maximizer”; here’s the pop-up box explanation:

Continental now allows you to ‘buy-up’ to elite (at a hefty price!) Since I’m already Platinum, I don’t need to purchase the miles, but as I’ve said before, Elite Status is worth it’s weight in gold. 

The Efficient Traveler always looks for ways to improve Elite Status!

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