Continental to add “Extra Room” seats like United Airlines

by Efficient Traveler on February 18, 2011

First of all, I’m a loyal Continental Platinum Frequent Flier. I’ve found Continental to be the best of all tha airlines I fly. I’m frankly scared of what the merger will do to Continental, as I find United to be one of my least favorites. But, here’s a bit of hope… Continental has announced it will add the Economy-Plus seating arrangements that United has had for years.  Great for frequent fliers who can get those seats; however, maybe not so great for non-FF’s…they will have to take out seats somewhere to give extra room, meaning less available seats on already packed flights. How will they do that?

Here’s a good article from the Chicago Tribune on how United is keeping Economy Plus and Contiental is adding it as they merge into 1 airline in 2012.

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