Rookie Travel Mistakes

by Efficient Traveler on February 21, 2011

The Efficient Traveler was pleased to read an article on about “The Worst Rookie Travel Mistakes and  How to Avoid Making Them” by Paul Eisenberg. He discussed some of the top complaints by frequent fliers about inexperienced travelers. For example, at the security checkpoint, have all your belongings from your pockets placed into your jacket pocket, then place it in a bin on the conveyor rather than emptying your pockets into a dish and standing on the other side slowly putting them back in their respective pockets. I noted one tip that I already do to be more efficient: place my shoes at the very front of my items on the belt so that I can quickly put them on first if my bag gets held up for inspection.

The article also describes some rookie mistakes in boarding the plane (stay in your assigned boarding groups), placing your bags in the overhead (wheels out! not sideways), and safety (keep you wallet close to your body).

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