TSA “Trusted Traveler” Program?

by Efficient Traveler on May 7, 2011

The Efficient Traveler has long believed that the TSA should have a priority line for ‘trusted travelers’; it would speed the entire process by having more efficient travelers speed through the line compared to less frequent fliers. The Efficient Traveler is also a member of the “Global Entry” program from the US Customs and Border Patrol.  For $150 and a background check and interview, I can pass easily through customs in 5 minutes.

I have also been a member of CLEAR since before they shuttered a few years ago without refunding my money. They have since ‘reactivated’, but I haven’t had the privilege of seeing them at any airport I go through. They dont really help you much except to get you to the XRay machine with everyone else, which tends to be the bottlneck anyway. As a member of 2 different loyalty programs with elite status, I usually can get to the Xray machine much quicker than everyone else anyway.

An article in the Wall Street Journal says the TSA is thinking about implementing an expedited line for ‘trusted travelers’. That would make too much sense, though…

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