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by Efficient Traveler on June 6, 2011

A friend of mine suggested I check out the website for “The Points Guy“. We were in the process of examining how to maximize our airline points. The site subscription provides daily emails for all the deals that frequent fliers can use to maximize their points for hotels, airlines, etc.  The Efficient Traveler loves getting regular updates on deals from the airlines and hotels he frequents…interestingly, as a loyal customer, these same hotels and airlines dont even let us know about them!

I was pleased to see that Brian Kelly (The Points Guy) has just gone ‘full-time’ blogging about travel on his site. He offers an interesting fee-based service through his website where he sends you emails on travel deals and helps you get great deals using your points for reward tickets. Didn’t think there was a market for that but guess there is.

He just blogged about his first trip traveling to Tokyo.  Having traveled to Tokyo several times, I enjoyed reading about his trip.  As a well-followed blogger, he got his airline and hotel comped! Now that’s a job I would like to have.  He’s a big Delta Airlines fan, which I’m rapidly becoming as United continues to disappoint me…

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