On my latest experience with United Airlines

by Efficient Traveler on June 8, 2011

I recently flew to Denver on United. They obviously have a direct flight as a hub. As a Platinum Continetal member, we are supposed to have automatic upgrades on United flights. I had taken a trip to San Francisco the week before on United and didn’t get upgraded…not even acknowledged on the waiting list at the airport for first class. So, I promptly called them and emailed them to rectify the problem.

United outsources its reservation center in India obviously. I was waitlisted for an upgrade on my Denver flight the following week. In response to my email complaint, I also got a phone message from United saying I was waitlisted for an upgrade.

A few days before the outbound, I was in fact upgraded. I was pretty sure that it was only because they manually did it, because the return flight had an additional reservation under my name ‘waitlisted’ for an upgrade. When I got to the airport to to return home, guess what? Not on the upgrade list at the airport…but I had ‘cleared’ the standby list! So I foolishly went to the counter to ask for a new ticket and was told, “No, you’re not on the waiting list.” Oh well, still have to spend time sending emails to United to fix the problem.

The frustrating thing is that United always blames their problems on the merger, instead of saying, “We are working on that specific issue.” Worse yet, Delta automatically gives me 5000-7000 miles for complaining! C’mon United, WAKE UP!

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