Stay connected in-flight…for efficiency and fun

by Efficient Traveler on June 10, 2011

As a Delta Gold and Continental Platinum, I obviously fly these airlines regularly. I enjoy the ‘in-flight’ direct TV that you get on some flights, which is free when you’re in first class!  Some flights also offer wi-fi for a fee (between$6-10). I’ve never felt compelled to spend that on wi-fi for a 2 hour flight, which only gives you about 90 minutes of actual use when you consider the 10,000 feet rule!

On my last trip, I was reading Entrepeneur magazine, and saw an article on staying connected in flight. It was interesting to read because the author talked about how he doesn’t always choose flights based on loyalty or price, but rather on the ability to stay connected! He used the example of wanting to watch a basketball playoff game and choosing his airline for the availabilty of Direct TV. The Efficient Traveler understands the importance of being able to watch his favorite team play while in-flight!

The author concluded with a chart comparing the different types of ‘connectivity’ on airlines with one obvious omission: Continental. While some may argue that “United” is the new Continental, I know that Continental offers DirectTV. So, next time you’re planning your trips, think about which airline offers you the options you need to stay connected..and efficient!

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