Efficient Packing

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One of the first and most important things for the Efficient Traveler is to master the art of efficient packing. It’s a fine line between bringing only what you need and still being comfortable enough. The Efficient Traveler never checks bags, even on international flights.

It all begins with the suitcase you pack. I recommend Travelpro. I use the Travelpro Crew 22″ rollerboard expandable Suiter. When I first started traveling, I had to buy a new roller board suitcase each year because they didn’t last. I’m now on my 5th year with the Travelpro. The Travelpro line is what all the pilots and flight attendants use, and it was designed for them, so it’s obviously the best. In addition to it’s durability, it has lots of great storage and is expandable when I have too many souvenirs to bring back for my kids. The only disadvantage is the wheels only roll in one direction as compared to those new multi-directional bags.

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